Getting Started With Photoshop Monday, Dec 6 2010 

Digital Image: a picture in electronic form.

Image-Editing: this program allows you to manipulate graphic images so that they can be reproduced by professional printers using full-color processes.

Pixels: very small squares; every picture is made up of them.

Logo: a distinctive image that you can create by combining symbols, shapes, colors, and text.


Using Layers in Illustrator Monday, Dec 6 2010 

There are many advantages to using layers in Illustrator. One is that it’s easier for complex illustrations. For example, if you are doing an illustration of a flower bed, you might want to put the white fence on one layer, pansies on another layer, and sunflowers on another layer. This makes it easy to layer these pictures the way you want it. It’s also good to use layers in Illustrator because if you are using lots of different layers, you are able to hide, lock, and move layers around when you need to work on or adjust something.

Magazine Ad Tuesday, Nov 30 2010 

This ad was created by first typing the words Paula’s Posies. Then I chose certain letters to put flowers inside of. I used the clipping mask tool to make those letters look like flowers were inside of them. Then I found 3 pictures of flowers that I liked and placed them onto the page. Then I found a black and white picture of some flowers, made it the size of the page, sent it to the back, and locked it so it now was my background. Finally, I typed the address and contact information.

Story Characters Tuesday, Nov 30 2010 

These two charcters were first drawn out on paper then I created them in Adobe Illustrator using the pen tool and other tools and techniques. I then filled the different characters with colors to bring them to life more. Then I added different objects and props to show what the characters were and their “job”. For example: I added a traffic cone and a construction hat to the road-builder spider to show that he did something with construction.

Concentric Tuesday, Nov 16 2010 

Concentric refers to objects that share the same centerpoint. The falling is an example of two objects that have the same centerpoint.                                                                  

Transforming Objects Monday, Nov 15 2010 

When you change an object’s shape, size, or position on the artboard, Illustrator calls that a transformation. You transform objects in Illustrator countless times. For example, if you create a rectangle but decide that the rectangle is too big, you will transform it to a smaller size. You transform objects usually by selecting the object then selecting the transform tool. From there you will Transform the object to your liking. The Tools panel contains 5 transforming tools: Rotate, Scale, Reflect, Shear, and Free transform.  A point of origin is a fixed point that all transformations are executed to.  For each transform tool, the default point of origin is the selected object’s center point. However, you can change that point to another one.

Vector Art Friday, Nov 5 2010 

In this graphic, they used the color yellow as a repetitive color on the yak, the oar, and the life vest. They also made yellow fade into the name of the business. For their shapes and pictures, they used a yak, an animal, and an oar to show what they were advertising.

Attributes Thursday, Nov 4 2010 

Attributes is a word Illustrator uses to refer to characteristics placed on an object. Typographic attributes would include font, leading, horizontal scale, etc. Artistic attributes include fill color, stroke color, and stroke weight. You can use the eyedropper tool to apply all of an object’s attributes to another object.

Drop Shadow Monday, Nov 1 2010 

A drop shadow is a shadow behind text or an object. This adds effect and dimension to the illustration. You can apply a drop shadow by copying the text, the paste the copy behind it. Then you fill the copied text with a darker color, then by using your arrow keys on your key board, move the text to the desired spot. Drop shadow is used in this picture by putting a shadow behind the words. Look closely and you will see how its the same text, just a darker shade and moved to add effect!

Color Monday, Nov 1 2010 

I think using color in a design is important because it adds pop, uniqueness, and contrast. It makes the design more interesting, eye-catching, and realistic. If we did not use color in our designs, imagine what this world would be like! When you hear someone say yellow, most people automatically think of McDonalds. What about red? Target, right? If they didn’t use colors while designing their logos and designs for their stores, those colors might not have any effect on us. This shows that color is very important to use in designs.

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